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Corporate Sessions

Whether you're running a team away day, a school inset or you're looking for a regular addition to your organisation's wellbeing offering, I can help you. 

Did you know, muscle tension increases stress?

Most of us recognise that stress increases muscle tension, but what fewer people appreciate is that it's a cycle and that pain and muscle tension also increase stress. So taking time to move and relax stiff muscles can reduce stress and improve performance at work!

Did you know, lack of muscle strength contributes to poor workplace posture?

It's widely accepted that poor workplace posture is a major cause of back pain, and can lead to repetitive strain injuries, which affects productivity and morale as well as increasing stress. However, providing an ergonomic desk setup is rarely sufficient: your body has to be able to hold you up and maintain your posture. This means muscle strength, core muscle activation, joint mobilisation and stretching, making Pilates the ideal exercise solution.

Team Pilates sessions are designed to suit your needs, whether you're looking for a session of relaxation and mobility to include in a single team day, or a regular programme of approachable strength and mobility training. Pilates is also ideal for mixed ability groups, providing variations in each exercise so everyone can take part and benefit.

Give your team time to move stiff joints, stretch tight muscles,​ and relieve stress, for a happier and healthier team

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