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Postnatal Pilates

It can feel hard to find time to exercise once you've had a baby, but your body may need some help to encourage postpartum healing. Postnatal Pilates can help your body to recover from the stresses of pregnancy, and feel ready to handle life with your new little person.

We look at:

Abdominal recovery: how to safely work the abdominal muscles after pregnancy

The Pelvic floor: how to engage and strengthen it

Posture and stretches to release and reduce muscle tension and aches from carrying and feeding your baby

Muscle strengthening and toning

So bring your baby with you (or not) to play or nap, while you work out. You can choose between small group classes or working one-to-one with an instructor. 

1 child from 0-1 years old per adult (or twins). Children are the responsibility of the accompanying adult.

White Marble


"I had never done Pilates before joining Sarah's postnatal Pilates class, and I am so glad I started with this class! Expert instruction and advice, with options for all abilities, body types and different birth experiences. And such a lovely atmosphere for my baby to hang out in while we are working out! Thank you Sarah ☺️"

Shoshy, Edgware

"I love going to this class. It’s a great mix of mum time, whilst also being able to be with your baby. Sarah is brilliant, incredibly knowledgeable & very understanding. We know we are in safe hands. She’s also an excellent baby cuddler when necessary :)"


Lucy D. Bushey

"Thank you ever so much for helping me start my journey to recovering my strength and mobility- your classes have made a big difference in being able to manage lots of day to day things without my pelvic pain being triggered and I feel a lot stronger than I did in September! Thank you, Sarah!"

Oona, Bushey

"Sarah is very professional in what she does and after the workouts I feel stronger and more energised. I highly recommend the postpartum Pilates classes!"

Anon., Bushey

"Excellent class. Sarah is very patient with both mums and babies! Highly recommend."





10:30 St James’s Church House, Bushey, WD23 1BD 

11:30 St James’s Church House, Bushey, WD23 1BD 

Contact us to discuss one-to-one sessions or register for group classes.


£11.50/week - half term ticket

(Half terms last 5-7 weeks, booked and paid for in advance)

£15 per class pay as you go (bookable 2 days in advance)

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What about babies that can crawl or toddlers who walk?

Moving babies and toddlers are also welcome, however it is the parents' responsibility to ensure that their child doesn't endanger themselves or anyone else when moving around the room. In the case of mobile babies and toddlers, please bring their stroller, car seat or a small playpen in case they need to be kept by you for their own or others' safety. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What if my baby needs feeding or changing?

Feel free to feed your baby milk/water during sessions, but no solid food please. All facilities we use provide baby change facilities.

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