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Terms and Conditions

​•    Activ8 Pilates reserves the right to refuse to teach any participant if we do not believe they can safely participate in the requested class based on the responses to the above medical questionnaire. An alternative class or one-to-one training may be offered if applicable. If no alternative training is agreed on any credit on your account with Activ8 Pilates will be refunded by BACS or cheque.

​•    All participants much complete a medical screening questionnaire and obtain medical clearance if requested by Activ8 Pilates.
​•    All participants must adhere to all government mandated health regulations (e.g. COVID-19) and any additional measures requested by Activ8 Pilates or the venue.

•    All participants must pre-book and pay for classes, including providing contact details and completing a medical questionnaire.
•    One-to-one classes must be paid by BACS by 48 hours before the class start time
•    For class blocks, the whole block must be paid for by BACS 48 hours before the start of the first class in the block to participate.
•    All pay as you go group classes must be paid by 12 hours before the class start time
•    Classes in blocks should be taken on consecutive weeks, starting on the date agreed with the Activ8 Pilates.
•    Class places are reserved on a first come first served basis on receipt of payment. A priority booking period will be provided for existing students, before opening places to new students.
•    Where clients need to miss prepaid group classes in cases of illness, please contact Activ8 Pilates. A replacement class place will be offered where possible. This may include a pre-recorded video class.

•    Where clients wish to reschedule one-to-one sessions for any reason, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required, otherwise the client will be charged in full for the class. 

•    One-to-one classes are offered on a single session basis or packs of 10 sessions. 10 session packs are valid for 3 months from the agreed start date: please discuss this before purchase if you have any concerns.
•    Where one-to-one classes are held in the client’s home, the client is responsible for ensuring that the space is suitable for social distancing and ventilation.
•    Clients are responsible for providing their own equipment (due to COVID 19) and ensuring it is in good condition. Activ8 Pilates will provide a list of equipment required for your class. Please contact us for any advice on purchasing appropriate equipment.
•    For Zoom classes, clients are responsible for ensuring they have sufficient space and an appropriate device set up to be able to see and hear the instructor, and allow the instructor to see them.
•    Activ8 Pilates reserves the right to cancel any class in the event that the instructor is unable to attend. Reasons for non-attendance include (but are not limited to): ill-health of instructor, ill-health of instructor's family, requirement to self-isolate due to government guidelines. In this event, either a replacement class will be supplied or the class will be refunded. Replacement class may be offered over Zoom if appropriate.
•    Any class content, handouts or videos provided are the property of Activ8 Pilates and provided for the sole use of the registered student. We reserve the right to remove access from these materials at any time if this is abused and may seek legal advice if appropriate. 

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